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Zomato delivery executives are queuing up outside this restaurant. Here’s why – YourStory
Zomato delivery executives are queuing up outside this restaurant. Here’s why – YourStory
April 11, 2019
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Me Before You

6 Mar, 2018

A selfless mother, an affectionate daughter, a dutiful wife or top boss; no matter what role a woman plays in everyday life, she does so with utmost passion. From managing the house to being running the show at work, and yet taking out time to spend quality moments with family and friends, women manage to do it all.

But in all the hustle, they often forget themselves. Making yourself a priority is not at the top of their list, and health gets taken for granted.

However, it is extremely important to care for the self as for others, and to start taking care of your health.

Dolly Kumar, Founder & Director at Gaia, shares 5 tips for women to stay healthy.

Stay Calm And Sip Tea

6 Mar, 2018

Relaxing is the mantra to lead a more balanced life. With a plate always full, it is important to take out some time to relax your nerves. And what better than a warm cup of camomile tea?

Camomile infusions are made from the flowers and are naturally caffeine-free. With a sweet aroma and light and earthy flavour, this refreshing drink is perfect to calm the nerves.

Sweeth Tooth?

6 Mar, 2018

We know excess of anything is bad, and too much of sugar is never a good idea.

But we all need some sweetness in our lives, don’t we? So why not choose a healthy alternative instead, which is in fact 30 times sweeter than sugar?

Stevia is a 100per cent natural low-calorie sugar substitute. Also known as meethi tulsi, as it is obtained from natural herbs, it does not contain aspartame. It has absolutely no side effects and very little or no after-taste unlike other extracts.

Now add stevia to your daily cup of tea, coffee, lemonade, lassi and enjoy sweetness without guilt.

Healthy Joints, Happy Joints

6 Mar, 2018

Joint pain, even now and then, can inhibit your daily performance at work or at home.

While a visit to the doctor is a must, consuming a capsule of Glucosamine twice a day can help restore healthy joint performance.

Glucosamine, a natural compound and an essential component required for maintaining healthy joint performance, helps build new cartilage and protects the existing cartilage. It also helps the body to repair damaged and eroded cartilage while lubricating the joints and stimulating synovial fluid production. It aids in getting relief from joint pain and immobility, providing analgesic & anti-inflammatory effect.

Snack Smart

6 Mar, 2018

Maintaining your energy level helps to keep going throughout the day.

Granola bars are a great snacking option and also help keep you energised. A delicious mix of rolled oats, muesli, chocolate and honey; this wholesome bar can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Packed with a variety of nutrients, these bars come in various flavours.

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